Cider products

We produce a range of traditional cider drink products, made as a result of a slow naturally controlled fermentation of the pressed apple juice soon after picking from our very own organic cider apple orchards. The particular varieties of trees in our two orchards are up to 70 years old and produce an excellent well-balanced blended cider with its own distinct character, which we feel captures the very essence of Herefordshire.

Products currently available are :

Orchard Bull Cider – a traditional strong still bottled dry cider.

This cider derives its name from the traditional practice of grazing cattle in the orchards – in this case our Pedigree Herefords. It is an unfiltered product and so it appears naturally hazy with a small amount of sediment in each bottle. On storage this settles out naturally and the cider is then decanted into a glass.

75cl Bottles with screw top

Alcohol by Volume – 7%

Orchard Bee – a still bottled medium cider with honey.


Cider with honey
This Cider derives its name from the blending of two orchard products. Honey is produced within bee-hives located in the orchards from which the apples are harvested. After the pressed apple juice is slowly and fully fermented, a small amount of honey is added just before bottling, resulting in this aromatic and delicately flavoured medium cider.

50 cl Bottles with crown cap

Alcohol by Volume – 5.5%

Coming Soon in 2006 …

Orchard Bull Mulling Cider – a strong dry still bottled cider with spice sachet and recipe for making mulled cider. (New for 2006)

Orchard Ram – a medium-dry draught and bottled cider; the draught cider will only be available at selected outlets around Marden and Bodenham. . (Available Spring 2006)


Orchard Bull Cider

Orchard Bee Cider